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MTBCO Adopt-a-Trail

Wobbly Pops (non-compliant)

Wobbly Pops (non-compliant)

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This trail is currently unavailable for the adopt-a-trail program due to non-compliance with Rec Sites & Trails standards. Members will be notified by email when this trail's status changes.

Wobbly Pops has a mix of natural and wooden features. Fun fast and flowy with optional lines.

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photo: Rob McLarty

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How It Works

MTBCO is offering local businesses, individuals, and groups the opportunity to sponsor select trails at the Gillard Trail Network. MTBCO will provide a 6”x6” placard with the sponsor’s logo at each sponsored trailhead. Funds collected through this program will contribute to the MTBCO’s operating costs, trail projects and events at Gillard. 15% of funds collected from this program will be donated to Westbank First Nation youth programs.

Interested parties will have the option to sponsor a trail for one mtb season. When a purchase is made, an email will be sent to the purchaser to request the party’s logo and a short description of their interests/business. MTBCO holds the right to deny parties' sponsorship if their intentions are in contravention to MTBCO’s core values. In these circumstances, a full refund will be provided.

Being a trail sponsor does not give exclusive rights to hold events, perform maintenance, or make changes / additions to the trail. For such activities, MTBCO would encourage sponsors to share their intentions, then collectively determine a means through MTBCO’s Partner Agreement with RSTBC.

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